Mentorship Programme 2015 Launching Party

The launching party of the seventh Mentorship Programme co-organized by the School of Journalism and Communication and theAlumni Association was held on 29 November 2014. Mentors come from a wide array of industries including radio, TV, creative media and public relations to share their expertise with mentees.

The mentorship programme won wide support from accomplished alumni of the School of Journalism and Communication. In his speech to kick off the programme, Prof. Anthony FUNG, the School Director, expressed his gratitude to the mentors for their support to the mentorship programme and encouraged mentees to seize every opportunity to seek advice and guidance from their mentors.

Mentoring is a reciprocal, two-way relationship. Mentees were selected through a highly competitive process so as to ensure that they are committed to sustaining a rewarding mentoring experience. Prof. Fung expected that mentees would take the initiative in arranging gatherings with mentors on a regular basis.

Mentors shared with mentees on their insights on career goals and choices. Ms. CHAN Kin Kai, Editor of Next Magazine, acknowledged the challenges and pressure faced by journalists nowadays. Nevertheless, she expressed that students should cherish the valuable chance to get involved and to witness the pursuit of democracy in Hong Kong.

Ms. Charlotte KONG, Senior Manager (Public Relations) of the Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC), shared with mentees on how her studies in the School of Journalism and Communication nurtured her desire to find out the truth and to uphold integrity. She recognized the importance of such training in helping her excel in the PR industry.

Mr. Richard TSANG, the Chairman of SPRG, said that he enjoyed meeting students from the School of Journalism and Communication, as it recalled from his memory the precious moments in his undergraduate studies. He further encouraged mentees to participate in the events organized by the Alumni Association so as to reciprocate and to contribute to their alma mater.

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