Regional Coordinators

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Regional Coordinators

Since many alumni are living outside Hong Kong, the Alumni Association has appointed 2-3 regional coordinators in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively to organize alumni activities in these cities.
If you are in mainland China and need any support from the Alumni Association, please contact us at The regional coordinator will contact you accordingly.

Regional Coordinators (Outside Hong Kong)

Shen Weiqing (Global Communication 2009)
Zhang Xue (Global Communication 2009)
Zhang Deng (Global Communication 2007)
He Yelei (Global Communication 2010)
Cong Jia (Global Communication 2011)
Huang Yakun (Global Communication 2006)
Zhang Xiaoxiao (PhD 2012)

Overseas Wechat Group

With a view to strengthening the connections among the alumni in mainland China, a WeChat Group was established for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively. If you would like to join one of the groups, please send your personal information, including your name, graduation year, programme of study and WeChat ID, to

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