Professor Rolien Hoyng Received the Top Faculty Paper Award, Global Communication & Social Change Division, ICA 2020

Prof. Rolien Hoyng, Assistant Professor of our School, received the Top Faculty Paper Award of Global Communication & Social Change Division at International Communication Association (ICA) 2020 Annual Conference for the paper entitled “Grounding Data and Recursivity in the Postcolonial Smart City”.

Congratulations to Rolien!

本院助理教授海瑩在國際傳播學會2020年會上榮獲全球傳播與社會變遷分會最佳教師論文獎。獲獎論文題為〈接地數據和後殖民智慧城市中的歸遞性〉。 恭喜海瑩教授!

Please click the link below for the abstract of the recently published version of the paper: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1527476420931444?journalCode=tvna